Maximise The Online Opportunity for Kitchen Retailers

Calling your customers

      Following up with leads and customers is very important. Many times the lead just needs a small reminder or clarification to cross the line to become your customer. Without that call many customers are lost.

      You should build a call survey into your lead funnel. Ideally you have 2 of these, one early on when they contacted you or requested a book and one about the time that you know they are making the buy decision. These are in addition to the usual designers call to the leads. We find that with both of these calls you will:

1. Turn some of them from cold leads to hot leads, about 10% from experience

2. Save some sales that would otherwise be missed, again about 10% but it depends on your lead funnel

      In addition to this you will also get very valueable information about your customer. Some will not buy from you and you can find out why and if the objection is real or just perception. This is valueable information to feed back into your marketing.